We’ve Moved!

ViK Guitars has relocated to the great state of Idaho, USA. There’s plenty of things to be taken care of to complete this process (physically, legally and financially) but we are doing all we can to make that happen as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and support and looking forward to making Idaho a new Home and a new “place of birth” for ViK instruments!

A very special kind of mahogany..

Mother Nature can be very creative and as a result of that once in a while you come across something truly spectacular.. like this piece of genuine mahogany that has very distinctive “plum pudding” figure and also curly pattern! Putting a top over that would be a crime so I ended up turning it into a one piece body ViK Duality 7ff project and named it “Nugget” which it truly is.

”Hey! Great job, guys!”

“Hey! Great job, guys!” This is the most common comment I’m getting. While it surely is nice for someone to say that, there’s one major problem with it – there’s no “guys”. ViK guitars is a one man show which means all the instruments you see are hand made by one person – luthier Vik Kuletski. From sourcing the timbers to shipping a finished guitar. Same goes for all the pictures, videos, social media, etc including this very message)). A lot for one person to handle. This is why I believe “Luthier” is not a job or profession, it’s a lifestyle. It has its ups and downs but in the end of the day what really matters is the instruments created on this journey. I hope you enjoy what you see as much as I do! Thank you!