Facebook Chat with Misha Mansoor

Facebook Chat with Misha Mansoor

Hey vik, is it possible to get some pictures of the guitar’s progress?
Because I haven’t seen any progress on the guitar in a long time.
I posted some just last week I think
ah where can i find those?
Tell me you are not falling for all this bullshit going on
Vik at this point in time, I am concerned with getting the guitar that I paid for from you.
Well if you do then we’d better end it now. I don’t want another Nolly in my life
And the guitar is being worked on
I just want my guitar, I have waited long enough for it, and frankly at this point in time you really should not be chasing any further bad press, so it is in your best interest to get it to me as soon as possible.
Well Misha I will be honest with you. This guitar is worth 1400$ only with your following promotion of some kind. I don’t do give always just for the fact of how cool you are. And I appreciate you talent quite a lot.
I’ve heard tons of shit about you online but I never judged you in any way
You’ve been nice to me and that’s enough for me
Still you don’t know me personally
And I don’t want you to judge me whatever your position on the matter is
Again, I just want the guitar that I paid for with the amount that we agreed upon. And I would urge you to stick to that agreement.
I didn’t use your name to promote myself with this build and I won’t until you get the guitar and prove you are happy with it
Tell me you will be doing promotion on your side as it was meant to be and I will get it to you as fast as it can be done
It’s worth 6K+. I hope you understand my point here
Vik, I would have gladly promoted your company, but you just made impossible for me to do.
At this point in time, I just want my guitar, and if I get it I will not comment further and we can go our separate ways.
Why? Because I said I don’t like gay and headless guitars?
Yes. As a business owner you should know that there is no privacy on the internet, and that whatever you say would not only represent you, but those who are associated with you.
You have already alienated a large portion of your fanbase with these comments, you can believe whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean you have to announce those beliefs to the world. And if you do, then be a man and face the consequences.
You’ve said a lot of stuff on the Internet too
And I bet there more haters of yours than mine
And at this point I can only offer you two options
First is we wait until it will go away and it will and then I ship you the guitar if you find yourself in a good position to be associated with this brand in any form
Or I refund you the money you sent and you can join the masquerade
I’m taking it as a man
Facing consequences as you said
Here is the solution I see:
You give me the guitar I paid for and have waited almost 2 years for now, and I keep my mouth shut about all of this. You will not see any promo from me, which will mean that you will also not get negative promo from me. This is the only acceptable option with the situation that YOU created.
Well, Misha. I never asked for promotion because I never needed more than I had. I’m not gonna go for this offer of yours now too.
When you will get to shitting me please be as honest you can
I still love your music
And will follow your talent cause I don’t judge people for their beliefs
Alright, then if you won’t give me my guitar, then give me my 1400 back immediately
Did you send it to me immediately?
i only had your 400$ for two years
That doesn’t matter
And a grand since January
The order is cancelled, I would like my money back
The full amount has been paid, and I need either a guitar or my money back.
It’s your choice, but at this point, I paid for a guitar that was supposed to be delivered in January, I haven’t received it, and I would like my money back.
I will refund you in full
Don’t worry and also send you the pickups
Good, at what point today should I expect the money to arrive in my paypal?
It will not happen today
And when exactly will this happen?
This week
Just like my guitar was going to be ready in January?
Misha, don’t push it
Or what?
You will keep my money?
I’m better than that
You want to add being a thief to the list of things being said about you?
Are you?
I don’t have your money.
If you are refunding me my money, my actions are of no concern to you. At this point in time I want my money back, and then I do not want to speak to you again.
Just stop it and be a man. I have customers all over the world and they all get what they pay for or get refunded
I think sending me a guitar would be a much better move for you in the long run, but if you can’t get over your own pride to make a smart business decision, then lets just get this over with.
No need to get offensive
I just want my money back now.
I want nothing to do with you or your company.
Ok same here
I do not want any association with you, and I would like all pictures of me playing your guitars removed from your page.
I will in turn remove all pictures of your guitars from my page.
And I need a date to expect my refund
an actual date
this week
I don’t have time for that, sorry
that is actually honored by you for once
For searching and removing pics
All the two that I ever posted
I want my money back
Right now
I understand but not now
Then give me an actual date that you promise on your life to stick to.
Let it be Friday
Okay, I am glad we have this in writing.
Friday it is, I expect my full US$1400 to be refunded.
I am very disappointed in you, I honestly expected more.
So am I mate
You are much better artist than person
I won’t ever say a bad word publicly about you though
I didn’t realize that believing that gays should be treated equally made me a bad person
Did I ever say they shouldn’t?
I’m ok with gays
I only said I don’t like them
I don’t know if you are reading what you are saying right now.
Cause I don’t have any reason too
Did you actually read what I said?
Don’t like smbody or smth and being against is different
I don’t have any bad feeling for gays
Look, you can justify whatever you want to justify. The truth is, you have made a huge portion of your customer-base turn against you, and now you have managed to add me to that list of people.
Watching you backpedal now is just pathetic.
You want some facts?
Bring them on buddy.
I got over 350 friends request today
And full inbox of supporting messages
From people who prefer not to say it put loud
None if my customers contacted me so far with intend to cancel an order
So far
Say what out loud?
That there’s nothing wrong with having your personal attitude
This is Erik from INC, just wanted to tell you I support you in your free speech. Unfortunately the PC maggots will pick at your flesh for a while now. It will pass.
There is nothing wrong with having that attitude. There is also nothing wrong with people not wanting to associate with you, or wanting to buy your guitars
“Hey Vik! 🙂 Just a little message to tell you I love your builds and I hope you keep building for as long as you like. Please don’t share your opinions with the world, it ruins business my friend.”
Uh, that one is agreeing with me…
I got full box of these
And I don’t bother if a bunch of kids is saying shit about smthing they don’t understand
I was really worried at first to see a this shitstorm going on at first today
But then you just see what and who it comes from and it stops bothering you
I don’t want any fans
And if somebody is too thick to separate personal views from professional that is not my kind of fan
I can live without them
I didn’t think you were the kind given what sorts of posts you get daily on your page
Well I gave you my perspective. And I will leave it up to you to think whatever you want
The thing you’re not understanding is that as an ENDORSER, I am condoning your business. As a one-person business, your personal opinions, if expressed in public, are going to be related directly to your business, and therefore me. I understand that there is a different social norm in your area of the world, where your comments would not be seen as inflammatory. However, in most of the places you are trying to promote your business, they are deeply offensive.
I had Nolly and Keith said bad things about my position. One was a person I dearly loved, second sales person douche bag that I never anticipated as a person
You are avoiding my point.
I understand that now
I honestly didn’t know the world was so deeply fucked
Where people demanding tolerance have no any themselves
Your lack of awareness makes you a poor businessman, this would have happened one way or another. People who don’t agree with your views don’t have to support you or your company. They would rather be associated with a company who doesn’t publicly bash gays.
I never did it for business purposes, mate
Well as a business owner, with people who are tied to your business, you really should have taken what you say in consideration.
Well I’d rather stick with a small community of those who like my work and can tolerate my personal views that I don’t push on anyone
It represents more than just you, you are careless. You could have kept your mouth shut. Just because you have free speech doesn’t mean everyone has to know everything you think at all times, and you are responsible for more than just yourself when you represent a business. The fact that you don’t even understand that boggles my mind. That’s basic business ethics.
I don’t bend mate
I have two kids and their future to care about
You have ruined your own reputation, that combined with Nolly leaving and you cutting me off, as well as your unapologetic nature will run your business into the ground.
Not just a bunch of loonies from a forum
Besides I never offered you endorsement
Or any official ties
Those loonies from a forum would have bought your guitar and supported your career.
I like you being gear whore
Good, then give me my guitar, since I am not endorsed I can keep it private.
I have enough people to buy my guitars for next two years
And we are back at square one.
You were using the endorsement reason as a basis for not giving me the guitar, and now you are saying I wasn’t.
You can’t even follow your own arguments.
Well if you call it endorsement
Just give me the money on Friday
I want nothing to do with your company, and once I get it, I can finally put all of this behind me.
Sorry to me it’s worth more than just money
And to me it’s worth more than a guitar, so just give me my money back so I can be done with this.
We have agreed on Friday, I have it in writing.
Friday May 16th 2014
Bye till Friday
I have your position in writing too))
What position is that exactly?
That your position or actions can be negotiated with money or guitar is this particular case
But I don’t think that would be a big news
People know you’ve been taking money for pushing products before
Not like endorser
My position is not for sale.
You said the only way to get the guitar is to promote it
And I refuse to promote your company
So I have no choice but to ask for my money back.
That’s fine with me
Friday May 16th 2014
Like I said I’m not judging you for who you are
Many people did for your deal with Mehtab
What deal?
I don’t like to spread rumors
Search the internet
Then don’t spread baseless rumors, because I don’t know what you are talking about, and this is not about me, not at all.
You are the one making headlines on metalsucks for being a homophobe, so I think you better get to work on your statement.
I never did
And I’m not going to explain myself to anyone
For you I did because I cared about you
What if I was gay?
I’d be fine with that
I like you for your talent and music
So gay people are fine as long as they are talented?
Or make music?
What about Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal?
Who are both insanely talented?
But if you’d say that you are gay in first place is probably not go for any deal
How come they don’t get a Vik pass?
They are amazing musicians
But I never liked much of their music
I see, so you refuse to make deals with those who have different sexual orientations than yours?
It was “Focus” that shouted once
Nope, I refuse to make deal with those who brings it up
That’s incredibly sickening to me. I am honestly much happier just getting a refund now.
Because I don’t give a shit whether you gay or impotent
Just don’t push it on people
Like so many of them do
I really have nothing else to say to you, so please refund me my money on Friday May 16th as we agreed.
Neither do I

You are officially best salesman out there, haha!
like I ever gave a fuck to wether you support or not support my views
like I said I’m not gonna bash you back
I pity you
That guitar is pretty much sold already))

I have been thinking, it’s not too late to save face, a public apology could do some serious damage control.
As they say, better late than never.
You could turn bad press into good press. People make mistakes and if you are genuinely sorry for your comments, people will forgive you.
go fuck yourself, moron
I was reaching out with an olive branch dude.
The situation is still salvegeable.
its too late for that
It’s never too late.
its too late for you
For me to do what? I am not asking for anything?
Im ok with whats going on
I find that very hard to believe.
People make mistakes, and if you apologize, people will understand.
Misha, stop it
I saw your true face just yesterday
you are done deal to me
Yeah, except that this has nothing to do with me, at all.
I just want to send you the money and never hear of you again
That’s fine.
Separate from that, you can still do the right thing.
This is about you and your business.
It’s really a shame, you build some of the finest guitars out there, and it’s going to fall apart because of this.
Swallow your pride, and do the right thing. This has nothing to do with me, we never have to talk again, but you can still make amends with the public.
what a character you are!
there was time I was interested in your input
Do you believe gays should be allowed to marry?
dude, I really really mean it: fuck off
Hey dude, I was just trying to help.
I’ll leave you alone.
thank you!

Vik, when are you refunding me my money today?
I expected it to be done by now honestly
Vik I hope you are not avoiding the payment you owe me
I got the money ready
But I will first have to decide how I’m going to punish you for the lies you said about me
Excuse me? I didn’t lie about a thing.
You were very clear, you said if I was buying into all the bullshit, that you didn’t want to work with me and you wouldn’t want me to get my guitar
A guitar I waited 2 years for
Dude, you posted your lies all over the Internet
I don’t have to prove anything
I just need to post the whole conversation
Great, you will be sure to include the parts where you claim you won’t post it too
That will do you a lot of good at this point in time
It’s not a problem
At this point I just want my refund
I’m taking enough shit
Some more won’t hurt
At this point I want to punish your lying ass
I’ll say this again, if you had apologized publicly you would have avoided all trouble
I don’t need your money
And I did not lie about a thing
Just scroll up
So it had to be smthing else
Everything is there
You don’t need my money because you sold my guitar
And I happen to know that you are refusing someone else a refund to their guitar
Dude, show me where I demanded you to sign under my viewpoints
If you start making private conversations public, they might do the same
That will not look good for your customers
Dude, you are dead to me. You can think or say now whatever you want
I am done saying anything
I took my fall
Maybe it’s time for to take yours
I have said what I needed to say, and now I just want my money back
The difference is I haven’t done anything wrong
The tragedy is you still don’t understand that
Claiming that I was forcing you to share and promote my viewpoints?
You bit your own ass there dude
Let me find my exact words there
And the worst part you can’t undo it
You shared it everywhere
I said you made it clear that you wouldn’t send me the guitar I had already paid for if I didn’t agree with and support your viewpoints
And that’s EXACTLY what you did
Or else you would be sending me my guitar
But you didn’t like that I didn’t take your side in the matter
And that I think you made the worst move ever by publicly disparaging brave gay men in the metal scene
And that you made a bad problem worse by being so painfully unapologetic and showing no remorse whatsoever
I cannot condone that behavior not can I be associated with someone who acts like that
But that’s the truth, that is what happened Vik, or else you would have sent me my guitar
All I need to know is, do you need my PayPal address or do you have it already
My phone is dying
I will message in few hours when I’m off the shop
You don’t need to message, you just need to refund me.
Please send me my $1400 USD back now.

Hey Vik, it’s been a few hours, can you send me the money now please?
Just let me know if you need me to remind you of my paypal address, but you can send it to the same email that I sent it to you from.
Vik are you actually going to send me my money today as we have agreed several times now? This is getting ridiculous.
Really? Why?
It’s Friday, 3.35pm at your location
I don’t remember we specified the time
Any particular time
When can I expect payment then?
I hope this isn’t going to be a thing about semantics where you send it at 23:59 saying it’s technically today in my time zone.
As soon as you come up with a way to make amendments to your statement where you lied about “I said you made it clear that you wouldn’t send me the guitar I had already paid for if I didn’t agree with and support your viewpoints”
So you are holding my money hostage until I say what you want me to say?
Wow, that’s a new low.
you can plat whatever you want
or can prove I did smoothing like that
Just refund me the money as we agreed Vik.
its not up to you to talk about lows dude
I will refund you the money either way of the two
prove I did push you to agree mad support my viewpoints
or apologize and admit being a liar
I can take shit for being a bad luthier
or saying something out loud where I shouldn’t have
but Im not taking shit because you lied your ass off
Here is your proof: You: Tell me you are not falling for all this bullshit going on Me: Vik at this point in time, I am concerned with getting the guitar that I paid for from you. You: Well if you do then we’d better end it now. I don’t want another Nolly in my life
This is literally there if you scroll up
I just copied and pasted.
and where is the proof?
Read what I just wrote dude
You said that if I am buying into all the bullshit being said about you, that you want to end it now, and you don’t want another Nolly in your life
I just wanted my guitar
I waited two years for it, we spoke about an 8 month lead time for the guitar I believe, and I paid for it in full by NAMM
and how does it makes you agree with me and support my viewpoints?
Because Nolly didn’t, and you were clear that you didn’t want me to do what Nolly did.
I also have the messages that you sent to him by the way.
We have kept that private out of respect to the situation, but if you want to play hardball, that’s some insurance on our end.
Now, refund me my money as we agreed and we can both finally move on
go ahead
you will need to do a lot of explanation
I’m not going to post it up Vik
and really hope your followers would buy it
It’s insurance
Just refund me my money
well, dude I have all this conversation ready
I don’t have anything to hide
because I didn’t lie to anyone
No, you are blackmailing me right now.
you vaguely overplayed it
You want me to claim that I lied so that you can save face, and you are holding my money hostage.
I even gave you proof.
which proof?
So if you are going to post this up, be sure to include this part too, because I told the truth, and I will not pay for your mistakes.
Every post you have made has made things worse for you.
I never pushed Nolly to any of my views either
so you can keep him out of it
you fucked up
And if you think posting this up will make things better, well…at least I can say I warned you that it wouldn’t.
I can prove it just by posting that chatting
but I don’t want to go that low
Im not like you
Then just refund me my money
I don’t need to lie to explain myseld
If you refund me my money, and just move on from this, I won’t post the messages either.
I will refund your money
you will post
No I won’t, I am done with this.
I have better things to do.
you will post
either good or bad
I just want my money back.
sure you do
just as much as I don’t want to take shit because you lied about me
Except I didn’t lie. I told the exact truth.
well post that proof of yours
and I will refund you the money
I didn’t want to side with you, I was going to “be another Nolly” and you refused to give me a guitar that I paid for.
I am not posting anything dude
well then I will post
somebody will have to take that lie down
Go ahead, I just want you to refund my money.
and I will like I said
1400 USD
I should charge you interest, but I am a nice guy, and I won’t.
So we will keep it easy, 1400 USD flat.
When are you going to send me the money?
I’m busy right now
This is important.
What time will I receive the money?
this friday
That’s today
if you want them faster clean up your shit man
What TIME?
today is until 12am, right?
so 11:59?
You are being unnecessarily difficult dude.
You build amazing guitars, but you are the worst and most unprofessional businessman.
You could have had an amazing career
You could have brought Vik USA to life.
Carvin won’t go anywhere near you now, and no major companies will either.
And you still don’t get that it’s your fault.
You should be trying to end this quickly, but you are drawing it out as far as you can.
don’t you have something else to be busy with?
And with every extra step you take, you are only making it harder for yourself.
Today the only thing I have to be busy with, is to make sure you don’t steal my money.
Which I am very worried about now given your behavior.
sorry, Im not like you
I don’t lie
You keep calling me a liar, but you yourself have no proof.
if I told you it will be friday it will be
I have actually copied the part of our conversation that backs up my claim.
You have done no such thing.
You are the liar, and you seem to be doing it as a justification to hold my money hostage.
That’s really fucked up.
And that’s why I am worried.
I have been honest the whole time with you and the public.
You can’t even stick to your word in a single post. You actually contradict yourself in your own public posts.
People aren’t stupid either, they can see that, and that’s why they are at your throat right now.
You need to be more truthful, and you need to be more honest.
You said you would pay me today, but every time I bring it up you make up a new excuse.
That is very dishonest.
I don’t make excuses to you dude
“I’m busy”
I offered you an easier way of cleaning up your shit
“It’s still today”
you refused
You tried to blackmail me
now you will have to do it the hard way
Blackmail is incredibly dishonest.
but it will not include money
This is the second time you have blackmailed me.
I don’t need your money
its not the sort of money I could be interested in
Then give it back right now.
Im preparing my move on your lies
It’s easy, you just go to paypal and send it.
and I will send the funds as soon as Im done
When will that be?
What time.
And what difference does it make
I told you already
Send me my money now, and then do your statement
its still friday
Because it makes no difference to you
But it makes a difference to me
You don’t even want my money
But I do want my money.
It’s still friday is a horrible excuse
I hope you include this part of the conversation in your statement
That will be a real winner for you
dude, talking to you is fucking entertaining
I wish I had time for that
Dude, you owe me an excuse
not me
stop saying that
Well honestly, given that I am not burning bridges left and right, I do actually have some free time now and again. I recommend you try that in the future.
I have a family to spend my free time with
Me too!
it’s way better entertaining than you
I’m going to see them tonight, it’s going to be very nice.
Spend shabbat with them, see my nephew. It’s a wonderful time. Family is important!
Speaking of which, my dad has always told me this, and it has helped me a lot over the years.
Sometimes in life you have to choose between being right and being happy.
The whole world thinks you are wrong, and instead of choosing to be happy, you have chosen to be right.
When you look back on this in the future, maybe that will become clearer.
Misha, are you the whole world?
I am one person.
stick with it
with all this shit storm I only have one guy who’s backing out with his order
make your math
And the funny thing is, you still see this as you vs me. You don’t understand that it’s you vs most people.
And you are picking a fight with one person.
and I have over 70 orders now
what fight?
Well that’s good, I’m glad your family won’t have to suffer for your mistakes, they don’t deserve to.
I don’t have a fight
Well you are preparing an attack against me right now.
And in fact, it’s the very thing stopping you from refunding me my money.
oh, thats your words spoken out loud
You really need a PR person, because you are kinda consistently making all the wrong moves.
Please don’t say I didn’t warn you this time.
as a good businessman you should have known better that public lies may come with consequences
Of course, that’s why I told the truth.
I even have this conversation to back it up.
keep up with your hope that it will back you up dude
Well, it’s the truth. If the truth isn’t enough to back me up, then nothing is, so there isn’t anything I can do then.
You do what you have to do.
Just refund me my money.
the truth is that you are for sale
I am not for sale. I just wanted my guitar.
and within the whole conversation you won’t find any proof I pushed you into anything
I waited 2 years for it, and I didn’t realize just how hateful you really were.
Once I did, that was all I needed to get out.
Im starting to love it
do you got any more tags?
that was before I saw this:
Ive heard homophobic from you so far
That’s what crossed the line for me
Fortunately for you, no one has seen that yet.
Well, besides a few people who were disgusted
sign by every word
you can post it right now
That’s a solid defense!
I won’t
I just want you to know that I have that
its not a defense
dude I don’t have a need for defense
then do what you have to do
and just refund me my money please
so far I haven’t heard any decent argument thrown my way
except that professionalism is an ability to keep your mouse shut
thats the definition you guys live by these days
Look this conversation is over, you are hateful and unapologetic about the whole situation, you have singled me out even though there are a lot more people and problems to worry about, and you just want a fight. I just want my money back. I have nothing more to say to you.
ok dude
its not me who’ve messaging here all day
Of course not, you obviously aren’t concerned with refunding my money, but I am.
Chasing you up, like so many of your customers have had to do in the past
You already had a bad reputation as a businessman before, so I am worried for my money now.
really? can you name anyone who hasn’t been paid back?
No, I don’t know the specifics of all of that. I do know about all of the complaints and emails that have been shared on sevenstring.org
Situations that Nolly specifically was trying to help you fix so that you wouldn’t be driven into the ground.
Misha you obviously know so little
I do know that someone was trying to cancel an order now, and he said you were refusing it to him. Hopefully you have changed your mind about that too.
you should learn more about it or just keep your mouse shut
cause you are being unprofessional now very much
Again, I think you just need to refund me.
I don’t need to, I have to
Yes, you have to.
and I will, no worries
We are just going in circles now.
This is absurd.
just do something useful
work on your defense
come up with another lie
and wait for the email from Paypal
I told you’d get the refund today and you will
you just making it hard for yourself
on waiting
or you may as well think of how you could apologize for the lie you posted
I have publicly posted that all of the things you had said about me are true but that one very important thing that I never even tried to make you agree or support my viewpoints
I don’t give a fuck about your viewpoints, Nolly’s viewpoints or anyone else’s
if we were ever real friends I might be interested in that
but you are sales stuff and a very talented producer and a little bit of a guitar player
so sorry mate I could have never ever cared about you supporting or promoting my personal views
I would have loved you to promote my guitars because thats what you do great
but not in this life

Thank you.
Thank you and good luck. I’m not gonna do anything to you. I’ll just leave you to what you are.


Chat Conversation End

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