Know your ViK – Identification

Whether you got your ViK custom built for you or bought it aftermarket there some things you may want to know to better understand your instrument.

Let’s pull some information that is right there:

Serial number

is usually located on the back of the headstock and consists of 5 digits. I’ve used numerous technics to implement it over the years so it can be silk-printed, pressed, engraved or hand written. Let’s say yours shows 15 3 09. Two first digits state the year the instrument was built, which in our case is 2015. 3 is series identification number and it says it’s a Caprice T model build. Last two digits state the number of this particular build within the series. So this Caprice T was 9th Caprice T ever built. Given that all ViK guitars are hand built by one person you shouldn’t expect these numbers to be way too high and they will probably last me my lifetime.

Certificate of Authenticity 

Your ViK instrument was originally shipped with the Certificate of Authenticity that states the name of the model and build, by whom and when the guitar was crafted, as well as serial number for it. Sometimes stuff like that gets lost over time. In certain cases I can issue a replacement after the authenticity and ownership of the instrument is proved.

The original Specification sheet

Your ViK instrument was originally shipped with the Specification sheet that consists of the exact specs to which the guitar was built, serial number and signature of the builder.

In case either of these are missing I strongly suggest to hold off buying that instrument and get in touch with me to make sure you are buying a ViK, not some knockoff or forgery.