ViK Guitars and Adam “Nolly” Getgood

The story of our collaboration goes back to 2013 when Adam Getgood reached out to me for a custom build. It was an amazing endeavor with two creative minds put together over the mission of bringing life into something rather impressive. I’ve got to say I was blown by Nolly’s competence on the subject of tone and esthetic perspective which coupled with my design vision, experience and skills resulted in creating a remarkable instrument – ViK Duality 7. The workflow was so easy and fluid that at times it felt like we could read each other’s minds and finish up sentences for each other, so strong was creative chemistry. Every aspect of that instrument was spec-ed out perfectly from both player’s and crafter’s perspective. We built something that was huge yet simple and elegant, self-sufficient and dependable, totally effortless to play and an incredible joy to observe.

Just a few months later we got into working on next custom build – ViK Caprice T6 Hollowbody.

Within that time Nolly’s original ViK got so popular and people were referring to it a lot while ordering something similar, so naturally we decided to turn it into Adam “Nolly” Getgood’s signature model and signed the deal. It was about same time when Nolly joined Periphery as bass player which in my opinion was a huge waste of talent and brought some contradiction into the flow of things over the next couple of years. That relationship didn’t bring much to either side with Nolly being busy with Periphery and other things so after introduction of the 6 strings version of the Sig at NAMM’15 we decided to end the contract and part ways. No public announcement was made at the time as there were several builds for the signature model in works and we didn’t want to upset the customers. Couple months later Nolly took it upon himself to make it public in the light of the online scandal that was building up over some comments about headless guitars and gays that I made on my personal Facebook page, which apparently did not fit Adam’s views very well. The announcement led some people to believe that the scandal was the reason for that relationship to end but it had been ended before by mutual agreement and settlement which Mr.Getgood for some reason forgot or decided not to mention in his facebook post. For the sake of argument I’d like to state that we didn’t have any moral obligations within that contract as well as the fact that we’ve never discussed any aspects of personal set of values and beliefs. All that makes Nolly’s decision to participate in the scandal only a measure to preserve his public image, which is understandable because despite the fact that he was not officially endorsed at the time anymore he was still associated with ViK guitars on many levels. We’ve had a chance to talk it thru at a personal meeting later and ended up in an agreement that suited us both.

With that said I still feel blessed that I had a chance to work on those guitars with Adam Getgood. I believe we’ve created some rather impressive instruments and I’m glad that the heritage of that collaboration still lives today in ViK Duality the Transcendence model.

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