Online demos and playthroughts

As simple as it sounds I do not invest myself or anyone for that matter into making online demos of my instruments simply because I think online demos are useless or at the very least irrelevant and have very little to do with the actual sound or feel of an instrument. Most demos I see online for the most part demonstrate the level of the demonstrator’s playing, recording and production skills and nothing much past that. Which quite often results in stamp-like demos where everything sounds same “good”, no matter what is being played. The other thing is that most of those demos are paid for and therefore happen to be a direct sales pitch. “Trust no-one but yourself, use your own head and ears”. These are the words I live by and urge my customers to embrace as well. I’m sure a personal visit to a guitar store or a trade show and checking stuff for yourself would be much better way to get yourself acknowledge with a certain product. A big part of that personal experience would be getting the “feel” of an instrument (quality, ergonomics, response, subjective fit, etc) which in my opinion is about same as important as it’s tone and it also is something you can’t possibly experience via online demos. This is one of the main reasons why ViK Guitars have been participating in trade shows like NAMM for many years now: to give you a chance to come and see for yourself what this is all about.

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